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Today, let’s talk about the Gala Games Coin. 

You know, Gala Games Coin is the most explosive coin in the gaming industry. And this time, in the last 24 hours, if you’ve seen it, it’s also had a phenomenal growth of 40%. Along with current prices skyrocketing to five rupees and thirteen paise, which is a substantial increase.

Attribute Value
Current Price $0.074539
Price Prediction $0.101006
Sentiment Bullish
Fear & Greed index 84 (Extreme Greed)

The last time I shared updates about Gala Token with you was just a day ago, when I shared a significant update about Gala and hinted that yes, friends, Gala might soon witness a massive rally, and indeed, that’s what happened.

The same gas that we were predicting could pump a massive pump, we’ve now seen it starting right at approximately 5 rupees and 13 paise.

We are here at the Gala Coin’s price, and it’s near 40% from the present.

If you look at WOOLIM, brother, you can see how magnificently it has grown. See, brother, it’s close to 400% from the present. The growth we’re seeing within the Gala is truly remarkable.

 Gala coin Technical Analysis
Gala coin Technical Analysis

Now let’s talk about the strategy. If we’re making a profit, what can we do? So, I’ll tell you that if you’re making a good profit and you’ve bought Gala tokens for short-term purposes, then you should have already booked your investment amount, meaning the profit.

You’ve invested ten thousand rupees in it, and now it’s increased to almost twenty thousand rupees. So, what should you do? Take out the amount you’ve invested and leave the rest in profit. You can use this top-up for trading, so that if the profit you’re making isn’t stable, you can use this strategy, because here,

If you look at the sentiment of Gala, you’ll see, brother, that the early time frame indicates that the accelerator is slightly above the selling, indicating that the selling within Gala has started,

But if you look at the daily or weekly timeframe, the accelerator and summary are telling us that strong buying is still happening here, and if you look at the major resistance, it’s at 0.06347 USD. If you look at it on a weekly timeframe, remember,

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I’m talking about proper candle closing. I’m sure, brother, that the Gala Token will drop again by thirty to forty percent, and that’s why I’m telling you that we’re mostly on resistance, so booking a profit is very important. Here, profit will slip away from our hands.

Gala Coin Big Price Prediction
Gala Coin Big Price Prediction

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